Madison Square Garden, the iconic arena nestled in the heart of New York City, has hosted countless legendary performers and events over the years. But when it comes to the question of who has sold out Madison Square Garden, there is one name that reigns supreme. From music sensations to sports superstars, this hallowed venue has witnessed some truly electrifying moments. So, if you’ve ever wondered who has sold out Madison Square Garden, get ready to dive into a captivating exploration of the incredible talents that have graced its stage.

Who Has Sold Out Madison Square Garden: Unveiling the Legendary Performers

Who Has Sold Out Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is one of the most iconic and prestigious venues in the world, located in the heart of New York City. Known for its rich history and legendary performances, it has played host to some of the greatest artists, performers, and athletes. The ability to sell out Madison Square Garden is a testament to an individual or group’s popularity, talent, and influence. In this article, we will explore the notable names and events that have achieved the impressive feat of selling out this historic venue.

Celebrities and Musicians

Madison Square Garden has witnessed numerous sold-out concerts by some of the biggest names in the music industry. These artists have captivated audiences, filling the arena with their electrifying performances and magnetic stage presence.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel, the legendary singer-songwriter, holds the record for the most performances at Madison Square Garden. He has sold out the venue over 100 times throughout his career. Joel’s extraordinary ability to connect with his audience has made him a beloved figure in the music world, and his residency at Madison Square Garden has become a highly sought-after event.

His “Billy Joel at the Garden” concerts have attracted fans from all over the world, eager to witness his timeless hits such as “Piano Man,” “Uptown Girl,” and “New York State of Mind.” Joel’s continued success in selling out Madison Square Garden proves his enduring popularity and the timeless quality of his music.

Elton John

Elton John, another music icon, has also left his mark on Madison Square Garden. Known for his flamboyant style and unforgettable performances, Elton John has sold out the venue numerous times throughout his career. His farewell tour, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road,” included multiple sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, solidifying his status as a legend.

With chart-topping hits like “Rocket Man,” “Candle in the Wind,” and “Your Song,” Elton John has created a musical legacy that resonates with fans of all generations. His ability to consistently fill Madison Square Garden is a testament to his enduring appeal and influence.


The late Prince, an enigmatic and influential musician, made a lasting impact on Madison Square Garden. His performances at the venue were captivating, showcasing his virtuosity on the guitar and his ability to command the stage.

Prince’s unique blend of rock, funk, and pop attracted fans from all walks of life. His powerful and energetic live performances, combined with his extensive catalog of hits like “Purple Rain,” “Kiss,” and “When Doves Cry,” made his Madison Square Garden shows unforgettable experiences.

Sports and Sporting Events

Madison Square Garden has also hosted numerous sold-out sporting events, becoming a historic battleground for athletes in various disciplines. From thrilling basketball games to exhilarating boxing matches, these events have drawn massive crowds and created unforgettable moments.

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks, one of the most iconic teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA), call Madison Square Garden their home court. The team’s passionate fan base fills the arena for every home game, creating an electric atmosphere.

Although the Knicks have experienced ups and downs over the years, loyal fans continue to support the team, resulting in consistent sellouts at Madison Square Garden. The allure of watching basketball legends and rising stars on the iconic court makes attending a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden a bucket-list experience for many sports enthusiasts.

Boxing Matches

Madison Square Garden has a long history of hosting legendary boxing matches, attracting boxing fans and enthusiasts from around the world. The venue has witnessed historic fights featuring some of the greatest boxers of all time.

Muhammad Ali, renowned for his charismatic personality and exceptional boxing skills, engaged in several memorable bouts at Madison Square Garden. His clashes with Joe Frazier, including the iconic “Fight of the Century” in 1971, sold out the venue and captivated the world.

Other legendary boxers such as Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have also graced the ring at Madison Square Garden, drawing massive crowds and cementing the venue’s status as a mecca for boxing enthusiasts.


Madison Square Garden has not only showcased musical performances and sports events, but it has also provided a platform for some of the funniest comedians to entertain audiences with their wit and humor.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, a comedic powerhouse, has achieved the remarkable feat of selling out Madison Square Garden. Known for his high-energy delivery and relatable storytelling, Hart’s comedic performances resonate with audiences of all ages.

His ability to sell out the massive arena is a testament to his comedic talent and broad appeal. Hart’s witty observations on everyday life, relationships, and cultural experiences have made him one of the most successful comedians of his generation.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock, a comedic genius known for his sharp social commentary, has also made his mark at Madison Square Garden. His sold-out shows at the venue have showcased his ability to tackle controversial topics with honesty and humor.

Rock’s unique comedic style, combined with his thought-provoking material, has garnered him a loyal fan base. His performances at Madison Square Garden have allowed audiences to witness his comedic brilliance up close and personal.

Selling out Madison Square Garden is a remarkable achievement that showcases an individual or group’s exceptional talent, popularity, and influence. The venue has played host to a wide range of personalities, from iconic musicians to legendary athletes and comedians.

Artists like Billy Joel, Elton John, and Prince have left an indelible mark on Madison Square Garden, captivating audiences with their music and performances. Meanwhile, sports events featuring teams like the New York Knicks and historic boxing matches have drawn passionate fans and created unforgettable moments.

Comedians such as Kevin Hart and Chris Rock have also taken center stage at Madison Square Garden, showcasing their comedic prowess and bringing laughter to sold-out crowds.

Madison Square Garden continues to be a symbol of excellence and a destination for both performers and audiences seeking unforgettable experiences. The names and events mentioned in this article are just a glimpse into the rich history of Madison Square Garden, with many more memorable performances yet to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which artists have sold out Madison Square Garden?

Over the years, several artists from different genres have sold out Madison Square Garden, solidifying it as one of the most prestigious concert venues in the world. Here are some notable artists who have achieved this feat:

Has any musician sold out Madison Square Garden multiple times?

Yes, there are a few musicians who have sold out Madison Square Garden multiple times. One remarkable example is Billy Joel, the legendary singer-songwriter, who has sold out the venue numerous times, earning him the title of the “Piano Man” of Madison Square Garden. His monthly residency concerts have been incredibly popular among fans.

Which bands have sold out Madison Square Garden?

Several bands have successfully sold out Madison Square Garden. Among them, the iconic British rock band, The Rolling Stones, stands out with their historic performances at the venue. Other notable bands who have achieved this feat include U2, Coldplay, and Foo Fighters.

Are there any hip hop artists who have sold out Madison Square Garden?

Absolutely! Many hip hop artists have managed to sell out Madison Square Garden, demonstrating the genre’s immense popularity. Some notable hip hop acts that have filled the venue include Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, and Drake, who have all performed memorable concerts to sold-out crowds.

Are there any female artists who have sold out Madison Square Garden?

Yes, several female artists have accomplished the incredible feat of selling out Madison Square Garden. Among them, the iconic pop star Madonna stands out with her electrifying performances at the venue. Other notable female artists who have sold out the Garden include Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift.

Final Thoughts

Who has sold out Madison Square Garden? This iconic venue has been graced by numerous legendary artists and performers over the years. From music legends like Billy Joel and Madonna to popular bands like The Rolling Stones and U2, Madison Square Garden has played host to some of the most memorable and monumental concerts in history. It is a testament to the enduring appeal and undeniable talent of these artists that they have been able to consistently sell out this legendary arena. The list of performers who have sold out Madison Square Garden reads like a who’s who of the music industry, solidifying their place in music history.

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