Robby Benson, the talented actor and filmmaker, has captured the hearts of audiences for decades with his mesmerizing performances. But amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, many fans find themselves wondering, “Who is Robby Benson married to?” Well, let me put your curiosity to rest right away. Robby Benson is happily married to the equally talented Karla DeVito. Together, they have built a strong and enduring partnership that has stood the test of time. So, if you’ve ever wondered about the love story behind this celebrated couple, you’re in for a treat. Let’s delve into the captivating tale of Robby Benson and Karla DeVito’s journey through life and love.

Exploring Robby Benson's Marriage: Who is He Married To?

Who is Robby Benson Married to?

Robby Benson, a well-known actor, director, and singer, has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. Throughout his life, he has accomplished many milestones, both onscreen and offscreen. One aspect that often intrigues fans and curious individuals is his personal life, particularly his marital status. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at who Robby Benson is married to, providing details and insights into his romantic journey.

Benson’s First Marriage: Karla DeVito

Robby Benson’s first marriage was to Karla DeVito, an accomplished singer and actress. They tied the knot on July 11, 1982, after dating for several years. Karla DeVito gained recognition for her work in the rock opera “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and her collaborations with artists like Meat Loaf.

The couple’s relationship blossomed during their time working together on the Broadway musical “The Pirates of Penzance.” Robby Benson played the lead role of Frederic, while Karla DeVito dazzled audiences as the only female pirate, Kate.

Their marriage spanned several decades, and together, they welcomed two children into their lives: son Lyric Dean Benson and daughter Zephyr Benson. Lyric Dean Benson followed in his parents’ footsteps and pursued a career in the entertainment industry, working as an actor and musician.

Despite their successful careers, Robby Benson and Karla DeVito managed to maintain a loving and supportive relationship. Together, they weathered the ups and downs of the entertainment industry while staying committed to their family.

Benson’s Second Marriage: Karla DeVito

After his divorce from Karla DeVito, Robby Benson found love once again. He married singer, actress, and playwright Lysa Heslov on July 11, 1982. The couple’s wedding was a private affair, celebrating their union with close friends and family.

Lysa Heslov, also known as Lysa Hayland, has made notable contributions to the entertainment industry. She has worked as a singer and actress, showcasing her talents in various productions. Additionally, Heslov has delved into playwriting, showcasing her creativity and storytelling abilities.

The union between Robby Benson and Lysa Heslov has proven to be a lasting one. They have supported each other through their respective careers and continue to cultivate a nurturing environment for their family.

Robby Benson and Family

Robby Benson’s personal life is not only defined by his marriages but also by the wonderful family he has created. Alongside his two marriages, he shares a deep bond with his children, Lyric Dean Benson and Zephyr Benson.

Lyric Dean Benson, born in 1983, emerged as a talented actor and musician. He has appeared in films such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Prom.” With a passion for music, he has released several singles and EPs, showcasing his musical abilities.

Zephyr Benson, born in 1988, followed in his family’s creative footsteps as well. He pursued a career in acting and filmmaking, writing and directing his own projects. Zephyr’s works include the film “Straight Outta Tompkins” and the documentary “Everybody’s Street.”

Robby Benson’s dedication to his family is evident in his unwavering support for his children’s careers. He has nurtured their talents and guided them throughout their respective journeys, ensuring they have the tools to succeed.

In conclusion, Robby Benson, a well-known actor in the entertainment industry, has had two marriages in his life. His first marriage was to Karla DeVito, and together they have two children, Lyric Dean Benson and Zephyr Benson. After his divorce, he found love once again and married Lysa Heslov, a singer, actress, and playwright. Robby Benson’s personal life is a testament to his commitment to his family and the support he provides to his children as they navigate their own paths in the entertainment industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Robby Benson married to?

Robby Benson is married to Karla DeVito.

When did Robby Benson and Karla DeVito get married?

Robby Benson and Karla DeVito got married on July 11, 1982.

How long have Robby Benson and Karla DeVito been married?

As of the current year, Robby Benson and Karla DeVito have been married for nearly 40 years.

Does Robby Benson have any children with Karla DeVito?

Yes, Robby Benson and Karla DeVito have two children together named Lyric and Zephyr.

What is Karla DeVito’s profession?

Karla DeVito is a well-known American singer, actress, and theater director.

Final Thoughts

Robby Benson is married to Karla DeVito, an American actress and singer. They tied the knot in 1982 and have been together ever since. Karla DeVito is known for her work in both film and theater, including her role in the Broadway production of “The Pirates of Penzance.” She has also had a successful music career, releasing several solo albums. Together, Robby Benson and Karla DeVito have built a strong and enduring partnership, supporting each other in their respective careers and personal lives. So, who is Robby Benson married to? The answer is Karla DeVito, his loving and talented wife.

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